[EP] Ravyn Lenae – Moon Shoes

moonshoes It's hard to believe that singer, Ravyn Lenae is only 16 years old. We first stumbled across her with the previous release "Mr. Sun", where her smooth and airy vocals left us wanting more.  Now Ravyn returns with her debut EP, Moon Shoes. The eight track EP, executive produced by Monte Booker includes only one feature from Appleby. Upon pressing play, it's already evident that the project sounds unlike anything released in 2015 so far.  The journey begins with the project's opening track, "Venezuela Trains". Floating over Monte Booker's calming, yet upbeat production, her effortless and soulful vocals leave the listener entranced. Each melodic song features her rich harmonies. The poetic lyrics guide the listener through a picturesque journey dealing with the topics of love and life. Listen to the project down below and let us know what you think!
Black Pop 2 (1)

[EP] McCallaman- “Black Pop”

Black Pop 2 (1) McCallaman, a producer/DJ based in Toronto comes out of nowhere with an unbelievably serene EP entitled "Black Pop". This 5 track EP boasts features from the likes of: "Clairmont The Second", "T i K A.", and "Sydanie" along with McCallaman's unforgettable production and singing. Called "a compilation of modern Hymns, Negro Spirituals, & Lullabies", this is one EP you don't want to sleep on. McCallaman has been hard at work making a name for himself over the past few years, and has definitely left his mark already. With production credits for 2015 XXL freshman "Goldlink's" single "When I Die" from his critically acclaimed "The God Complex", he's also worked with the likes of Toronto's own "Andreena Mill, and Redway, along with New York's R&B songstress Mariami. On top of this, McCallaman has been making noise sharing the stage with HW&W's "Elaquent", and has also done countless mixes at sold out venues in Toronto, from the Rivoli, to the Sterling Room, Drake Underground, and even at Canadian Music Week. If you think that's all for this Toronto native, think again, he's also worked with the multi-talented Sango, had his music featured in Joe Kay's mixes, and was even named one of the top 10 upcoming producers in one of Toronto's biggest lifestyle blogs. The "Black Pop" EP starts off with the track "Tenfold" which features the artist T i K A. The intro enjoys some minimal beats before T i K A's melodic vocals enter the fray. The production shares the stage with the vocals on this one, with a noticeable chemistry between the vibes associated with each aspect of the track. The second track, entitled "Birds x Bees" featuring Toronto's own Clairmont The Second, sets the tone immediately with the sample of birds chirping in the background, as the relaxing production comes into play. The sound clip including Donald Duck is expertly used in a manner that only production genius' would even consider. Clairmont's unique flow also vibes over the serene production like no other. These two should work together more often to say the least. The third track, entitled "Shui", has a lullaby feel, and is the type of track you could close your eyes while listening to, and literally lose yourself. The use of sound clips on this one is astonishing as well. The fourth track, entitled "Home Tonite" starts off with a voicemail sound clip, over the melodic vocals, and effectively captures the listener. The hypnotic vibes associated with this EP haven't dissipated yet. The final track on the EP is entitled "Lullaby", and features the artist Sydanie. The track is a nice fit for the finale of the EP with the ever so unique vocals and production meshing together extremely well. It takes a very skilled ear to be able to create a track (let alone an entire EP), that is filled with these out of the box takes on traditional serene production. I also want to mention something I found very impressive, believe it or not McCallaman actually sings on every track, and is even the sole singer on "Home Tonite", bringing another element of talent into his work is quite inspiring. So there we have it, you (and myself) have been exposed to the genius that is McCallaman, and the "Black Pop" EP. The care that McCallaman has put into these tracks has NOT gone unnoticed. Each song has a wide variety of aspects that all work together to create the top of the line never before heard sound that we are having the pleasure of listening to. As I said before, it truly takes a musical genius to bring together so many different elements of sound, and McCallaman has proven he's not like the rest. I'm looking forward to hearing more from this legend in the making. He has the ear, and confidence to pursue a totally different direction in regards to music.

[EP] Basecamp – Greater Than

Greater Than Two years after the release of their self-titled debut EP, Nashville's collective, Basecamp finally released their long-awaited second EP, Greater Than. Blurring the lines between R&B and ambient electronic music, this project continues to showcase their unique, experimental sound.Listen to lead singer, Aaron Miller's sultry vocals float over the spacey beats below. If you like the EP, it can be purchased via iTunes.

[EP] The Goodz- “No Time”

Goodz_NOTIMEEP_FRONT_FINAL Print As you may know TCUS started in London as a radio show on 94.9 CHRW, during my time in the city, I had the pleasure of meeting people like The Goodz and I'm happy to share with you his debut EP No Time. My favourite track has gets me turnt up is Max Up and he has a feature with Roscoe Dash 2.0. Take this in and tell me what you think in the comments section below.
While the 'mecca' of Canadian rap has honed itself in Toronto, the talent that subsides just outside of it reveals just as much talent - and this time, it comes in the from London, ON, artist The Goodz. Layering elements taken from several genres, including rock & roll to R&B, the singer/songwriter carries elements of his upbringing as the son of Motown's Gary Martin of the legendary Funk Brothers and intertwines them with hypnotic melodies and bass-heavy production. With production from Mikhail, Deli and Fax Cain, as well as a feature from Roscoe Dash 2.0, the 5-track EP creates an experience that ties in elements of the London, ON, music scene alongside the dark waves and ambient vibes of the underground party circuit.