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Jonwayne - Cassette 3 The Marion Morrison Mixtape

[Mixtape] Jonwayne – “Cassette 3: The Marion Morrison Mixtape”

This is pretty cool. La Habra, California emcee Jonwayne recently released Cassette 3: The Marion Morrison Mixtape, and it's got some gems. I was first turned onto Jonwayne after hearing the excellent "Notes To Myself", and I've been looking forward to hearing more from the Stones Throw emcee/producer ever since. Thankfully, The Marion Morrison Mixtape doesn't disappoint. A couple early notables are "Blaq Cowboy", "The Ritz", "And Bulls---", "Altitude", and of course, the aforementioned "Notes To Myself". Stream and download Cassette 3: The Marion Morrison Mixtape below.
Tragedy tha Beast Love U 2 Death Audio

[Audio] Tragedy tha Beast – “Love U 2 Death” (Prod: Genius Picaso)

Tragedy tha Beast is a 27 year old emcee from Chicago. He is a part of an up and coming collective knows as the Tha IntaVention. His latest release "Love U 2 Death" is a dark story about domestic violence. He can really capture the audience and takes them on a journey. The song triggers many emotions and at times an uneasy feeling. Tragedy tha Beast has the ability to tell a story which has almost become a lost art in music. This track will be featured on his upcoming free album The Manifestion LP which drops on August 27. Listen to the song below.
Besque Make Believe Audio

[Audio] Besque – “Make Believe” (Prod: Sy Wyld)

Besque is a rapper from Toronto, Canada. His latest track "Make Believe" produced by Sy Wyld is a critique of our society and music. Besque gives his opinion on the trends we see in music and how the industry has changed. He also tells us that images portrayed in the media are made up like fairy tales. Songs like this are important because they remind us to question the things we are exposed to, question what we see and not take things on face value. Stream the track below.

[Video] Eternia ft. pHoenix Pagliacci – “Final Offering” (Dir: Alex Narvaez)

The Come Up Presents- Eternia
"Woke up with this track in my head, I got the itch again/ I missed the bus 'cause I was bumpin' this, I won't pretend/ Been through a couple of my nine lives since we last met/ Here's hoping Cole and Kendrick understand I gotta vent/ I got a pen, I got a head full of convoluted cloudy days, let it rain/ Let it sting the conscious of those who went on inflicting pain." - Eternia
This. is. huge. Eternia just dropped her first music video in over two years for "Final Offering", a tribute to Kendrick Lamar's "HiiiPower". The visuals, directed by Alex Narvaez, take us through Kensington Market as Eternia lets loose on the mic - and I mean lets loose. The Ottawa-raised emcee sounds as inspired as ever over J. Cole's production, marking her return to music as she opens up on everything from self doubts to questions about the meaning of life. For more on Eternia, make sure to check out our interview with her. Check out the visuals to "Final Offering" and read the track breakdown below.
Unloading a hailstorm of questions pointed at herself, God, her family, her friends, and her very purpose, 'Final Offering' tackles the lows of life, a topic most people avoid with repression and distractions. Eternia dives in, unafraid to reveal her insecurities and self doubt while challenging the very tenets of faith and foundation of family that she was raised on. She is joined by pHoenix Pagliacci, a burgeoning triple-threat in the Canadian music scene, who soars on this track with a poignant reminder to Eternia, and anyone else who is experiencing similar lows, of what "HiiiPower" really is.
Let us know what you think of "Final Offering" in the comments section.