RK Parx on The Come Up Show|December 12 Podcast

My man RK Parx was the special guest for the December 12 Edition of The Come Up Show.
Not even 5 minutes into the interview I knew we were going to have a really good vibe. Why? Download the show and you’ll understand why.

This is one of his singles from his new album “Creature of Habit”. RK gave me a bunch of copies, if you want one contact me and I will give you a copy.

Download link below.

The Come Up Show Hour 1 (RK Parx Edition)


Shafiq Husayn get the feature from the R&B Hour. He came up around the Zulu Nation in the 80’s, produced for Ice-T, his album he just released his latest album, En’ A’Free-ka.

The Come Up Show Hour 2 (Feel Good R&B)

Check out this video and I know you will want to download the full show.

Check out the full playlist right here, this is something new I am playing around with.

December 12 Final