KJ- The Headphone (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Compared to the likes of Common, Andre 3000 and Mos Def, this young man is fitted for the Hip Hop history books. KJ is a credited recording engineer and mix engineer, the best sound is always first priority. Self production inspired by Danger Mouse (Gnarles Barkley), Kanye West and many more has made this sound so diverse but yet still current.

From KJ

“The Headphone is a collection of very personal songs. All made in a close time frame, this album is meant to take you on a journey, where? I don’t know, it probably wont take you where it took me but thats the cool part and that is what i love about music. I hope you can find the beauty in every song.”

He was inspired by the idea Louwop and I had to make The Great Escape for free. I’m glad he did this because it is all about getting exposure. Enjoy the album


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