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Dear friends,

This is my official press release. For IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Weird.

My label (urbnet) usually takes care of these things. Take a few
paragraphs from my bio. Add a sentence describing whatever it is
they’re trying to promote. Throw in a quote that I spend hours
carefully crafting. Bam! Press release.

Not this time. I wanted to write it myself.

Many things inspired me in 2009, but not all moved me the way Anvil!
The Story of Anvil (documentary) and Dead Man’s Bones (LP) did. I knew
I had to involve the two in my own work, somehow. And here it is.

‘Anvil’ is an updated ‘Brian Wilson’, combined with samples from the
documentary, Anvil!, over the composition ‘Werewolf Head’. One
delicious lawsuit waiting to happen.

If you haven’t seen Anvil, please do. If you haven’t heard Dead Man’s
Bones, please do.

Anvil Trailer

Dead Man’s Bones

Hope you enjoy the song.
And thank you for making 2009 an incredible year.

Derek Christoff (aka. D-Sisive)

Ps. Rappers…It’s OK to compliment other rappers.

Mixed By:Muneshine@TheBakkery
Recorded By:FreshKils@TheKilzone
Artwork By:MichaelLylloff
Management: Adam SewellForRiotRockManagement

Facebook: D-Sisive

Dedicated To:Dennis Hopper