The Next Dance? Do The Pump Fake?

WOW.  Being a radio DJ, I get emails blasts daily from Labels, Managers, Artists and Record Pushers.

I got this in my inbox from a record pusher, if you don’t know record pushers get paid to promote music and their job is to make sure DJ’s will play this song.

I do get a few, especially record pushers that promote a lot of south music and most of it, no disrespect to the south is garbage. This one takes the cake.

This is what the email says, I will copy paste it exactly.

K2 aka Chain Swang Shawty

“Pump Fake”
Club edit

Radio edit

Download complete folder with both edits, instrumental, and accapella

check out tha YOUTUBE CLIP for how to do tha “PUMP FAKE”


Now I know, just by posting this up, it is still promotion for him but I had to share it with you.

What do you think?

The next dance?