Fanshawe College votes against the strike


Fanshawe College faculty have voted against a strike.

Members of OPSEU Local 110, which represents about 420 full-time and about 100 part-time or contract faculty members, voted 59% against a strike Wednesday night.

Though disappointing, the vote results don’t come as a surprise, said union president Paddy Musson.

“Our members were telling us . . . (that) following a (London Transit) strike they didn’t feel in one academic year they could do that to their students,” she said.

“It makes the job a harder job for our bargaining team, but our bargaining team is up for it.”

She said the union knew that with many college students unemployed, a strike vote mandate would be a tough sell.

“We knew it wasn’t the ideal time,” she said.

Provincially, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, which represents teachers at Ontario’s more than 20 community colleges, including Fanshawe, looked like it would vote in favour of a strike, but results were not yet in.

An Ontario college strike would be the second one in four years.

The last strike in March 2006 lasted three weeks.

I was just checking Fanshawe College twitter page and this is what it said

Although Fanshawe faculty voted no, the province-wide result (the one that counts) is expected to be 57% YES

My 2 cents, looks like the bus strike was a positive for us Londoners and it seems like the staff at Fanshawe ACTUALLY cares about their students.

Good job Fanshawe.

If you attend Fanshawe and you have twitter, I recommend following Fanshawe