Melanie Fiona and Robin Thicke added to Alicia Keys Concert

Melanie Fiona
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I was really curious to see who would be opening for Alicia Keys at JLC. I knew a few days ago Melanie Fiona would be opening for Alicia Keys but Robin Thicke is a total surprise, in LONDON? really? WOW.

If you are not familiar with these following artists here is some music to get familiar with. I recommend you do take it in as this concert will be LEGENDARY.

Give It To Me Right (this was her song that got her out everywhere)

Bang Bang

It Kills Me

Let’s move on to Mr. Robin Thicke.

Lost Without You

Featuring Pharrell – Wanna Love You Girl

Magic (His biggest commercial hit so far)

Sweetest Love

Ladies and Gentleman, this concert is going to be AMAZING. Every single act is uber talented and I hope you have your ticket!!!

Here is all the info.