Student-2-Business Networking Conference 2010


Connecting emerging talent with local industry and strengthening London’s economy through investment – Student-2-Business builds powerful networks and enables opportunity.

Keynote Dave Howlett will provide a dynamic session on how to make the most out of new connections. Through his message “Knocking Down Silos”, Dave will identify the elements of networking in a simple and powerful manner.

Included will be sessions covering:

* The economics of business and work in London
* London’s not-for-profit community – volunteering and/or working in the sector
* Becoming an entrepreneur
* The HR perspective on resumes
* International students – getting connected in London Canada
* Making the pitch – how to best present yourself in 60 seconds or less

Please remember, this is not a job fair, but a place to make valuable connections with people who can help introduce you to others in the London community.

I went to this last year and I made a few connects. You already know networking is EVERYTHING.

For Conference Agenda click here