[Calling all Artists and Producers] Submit your bio and music


The Come Up Show is all about promoting upcoming TALENT (keyword Talent).

We will be adding a new feature to the site called Spotlight.

A musician will be featured every week on The Come Up Show.

If music is your passion, your career, your LIFE, we want it.

This is what you have to submit, follow EVERY STEP or your submission will not be considered.


  • Biography in Microsoft Word Document format or PDF.
  • The music you want featured, give us around 3 songs maximum. These songs should represent you wholly as an artist, and it should be strong enough that our audience will want to check you out on your online profile such as myspace. I prefer music that I can stream right away, so upload it to zshare so I can quickly decide if you are worthy of the Spotlight or not. If you have a music video, that would help in your presentation as well.
  • Which brings me to the next step. Your online links that you  provide should be updated FREQUENTLY, there is nothing worse than a myspace page that was last updated in  2007. So provide us with any links myspace, reverbnation, facebook etc..
  • Professional Pictures of you. Please send around at least 3 professional looking pictures, pictures you took of yourself will not be considered.

P.S. If we like your music and feature you on spotlight, we will also play your music on The Come Up Show (94.9FM in London, Ontario) BUT it has to be CLEAN to get radio play.

You can send it to music@thecomeupshow.com or the contact page

Good Luck.

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