Facebook Fan Pages vs Groups

What’s good y’all,

I had The Come Up Show group since day one and as of today I accumulated 2800 members which is HUGE. I have been building it up for almost 3 years but I have decided to create a new fan page and stop using the group.


Because Fan pages are better than facebook groups.

The big difference is that a fan page is like a regular facebook profile with extra capabilities. So you know how when your facebook friend posts something up and it shows up on your news feed?

Yes that is what a fan page does. This is much more powerful and less annoying than sending an inbox message which only the facebook group is good for. Reality is, I can only send one inbox message per month so I don’t annoy people and not everybody pays attention to inbox messages and some people leave the group every time I send a message.

So that is why I have created The Come Up Show Fan page, it is a less annoying way and when it comes to this show, things are happening almost every week and I want the movement to know what’s happening.

So join the fan page if you haven’t already. Join here

Thank you.

The Come Up Show Poster