How to set a username for Facebook Fan Page

facebook Fan Page

When Facebook implemented Fan Pages, you needed a minimum of 1000 members before you can claim a “Vanity” url.

For example the url for my  Fan page was

That isn’t too easy to remember, I would rather tell people go to

I looked up if I still needed 1000 members for my new fan page and NOPE facebook removed this rule. YAY.

This all you need to do.

  1. Go to right here
  2. If you haven’t already chosen a username for your personal profile, it will give you options to do that. I haven’t done this yet and I don’t want to for now.
  3. Look right below and you will see “Set a username for your Pages” select that and the rest is easy.

This is such a small change but it’s very important, for marketing your brand. All I have to tell people now is go to


If you haven’t already Join The Come Up Show Fan Page.