Drop Cards and Drop Tags- A Unique way to promote your music



I have had a few of these drop cards sent to me from record labels and I thought it was pretty cool. I didn’t really think it was necessary for major artists, I don’t see a point universal sending me a 50 cent drop card because I’m going to know about the single anyways.

Essentially how a drop card works is that you get a small plastic card, like a credit card which directs you to a site. You enter the passcode that is on the card and you can download the single, promo pack, etc..

Like I said, I seen a few of these cards but I didn’t think it’s necessary for ultra successful artists.

UNTIL, I got a drop card from an independent artist.

We all know the internet is one of the best ways to promote your music but it’s oversatured, even I’m careful of what to download because I can’t handle all the music.

That is why I am strongly reccommending this to artists that are doing it on their own, imagine you get a few hundred of these drop cards.


You presentation is really professional, no matter who you are giving it to.

It is something you can HOLD, everything is electronic now, which means you can forget about it very easily. Give one of these drop cards and it’s in their hands, pocket, wallet, drawer, IT’S THERE. You won’t forget about it.

Don’t waste your money on pressing mixtapes, printing flyers and posters because we block it out. A drop card is something that is very small, convenient and DIFFERENT. I guarantee you, if you correctly target who you hand these out too, they will check you out online.

Here are a few things that are included with Dropcards.

  • Include up to 500mb of media hosting.
  • A private control panel on Dropcards.com to create and maintain your project.
  • A customizable profile at Dropcards.com, where users will redeem their card, or an embeddable download manager to drive traffic to your own personal website.


Droptags are the same just something you hold on too. I would probably go for this.

You can attach them to a lanyard and wear them around your neck.

Most popular are fastening them to band t-shirts or to have them double as an event pass.

Check out the website