[Bass, Electric, Funk] J.Twiz-Lose Control


Although he predominantly rhymes in his music. It serves no purpose to categorize Jonathon Twiz. His music touches on many different styles, which is nothing more than a reflection of his musical tastes. He presents himself with class and intelligence, still, never ignoring the fun and playful side to his music. His music serves to inform, motivate, and entertain the world. Never shying away from social/political issues, he still comes across and maintains his Swagg and Dopeness. “It’s important to keep people entertained, and informed, and thinking, too much of either can be bad in my opinion, it’s all about that balance, can’t be too serious, can’t be too party party. I’m not a “conscious rapper”. I’m not a “Club Joint” rapper. I’m not a “Battle rapper”. I’m just a rapper, actually on second thought…… scratch that, I’m an artist.”

Bass, Electric Funk, what more is there to say…?