R.I.P. Big L

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11 years ago today Big L life was taken.

Jewlz a close friend of Big L reminisces the day he passed. I got this from Big L online forum.

Its so crazy to really sit back and think that it has actually been 11 years since I actually sat and spoke to one of my life long friends. I can recall our conversation like it was yesterday,we were standing on 140th street and he asked me “yo did you tape the delahoya/Trinidad fight because I missed it”. I replied “yeah i taped it” and he said “yo let me hold that joint” I said alright.

We continued to speak about regular stuff and I said “L i’ll be back i gotta run to the Bronx real quick, unless you wanna roll with us? He said alright,It was me him and my friend Chris,we get to the doors of my car parked on lenox and L stopped before he opened the cardoor and he stopped and said”Yo Tom i’mma chill here on the block instead,I’ll holla atchu when yall get back!I told him dog its room in the car,he said”Nah imma see yall when yall get back my ninja!”I said alright.

Less than 5 hours later i got the call “Yo they said BigL got killed infront of Building 45 in delano you need to go over their and check.I arrive over there and the first faces i saw was Fatjoe standing in the street and then i saw L’s Grandma Ms.Ida,i walked to the site where he was and i just say him covered with the sheet and i said”Dam dogg,what the Fuck!!! i got myself together and went home,it was just so surreal to see the finality of a friend actually being gone.It hurt me to my heart,the next day i woke up and went to 139th and put a picture and a blank card on the newstand gate for people to sign and show their respects.I miss him man,he had such a bright spirit and it hurts to witness that light extinguished.



Here is a DVD Trailer that was directed by Jewlz. No release date yet.