[Free Album] Angerville- Rebellion


In 2008 Angerville released the album “Rebellion” on iTunes. After the buzz they had created with the “Anger Management” EP and their first mixtape “This Hits For Free” the Toronto based Rap group knew they had alot to live up to. The album was produced entirely by Gamshooter and featured the #1 Rap city video and TIMA nominated track “Dear Dad”.

Here is what the critics had to say about it:

“Sometimes it seems like Toronto has an endless supply of street rappers emulating the American formula, so it’s refreshing when a group like Angerville comes along to represent the T-dot properly. While Angerville rappers Fortunato and Conscious Thought are still spitting raps from a street perspective, there’s obviously thought and care put into their lyrics.”

Thomas Quinlan, Exclaim Magazine (March 1, 2008)

“Angerville on the otherhand just makes rap from the heart – it tends to be a hardcore, thugged out heart at times – but still they basically make hip-hop about their life and circumstances. In the end, Angerville’s rap sounds more like the hardcore NY street hop that dominated the 1990s than the Classifieds and DL Incognitos of the world. That’s no slight to either Classified or DL as I enjoy them both, but if you like your rap hardcore and banging you’d do well to check out Angerville.

Music Vibes: 7 of 10 Lyric Vibes: 7 of 10 TOTAL Vibes: 7 of 10″

Pedro “DJ Complejo” Hernandez, Rapreviews.com (Dec 9, 2008)

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If this is the first time you heard of Angerville just check out the following videos. I Co-Sign them to the fullest and have had them on the show a few times now.

This is the first song they sent me and I have been a fan since then.

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