[Spotlight] Dynamic Ya Favourite Lightskin

Justin 2

Justin “Dynamic” Gunderson has enough energy to power a fleet of hybrid cars, enough soul to raise a church roof, and enough music in his blood to contaminate the average man.

It began in Ottawa, Ontario. Dynamic wasn’t rapping then, but he would listen to “Flawless” another local emcee. Within a month the light-skinned 16-year-old began writing his own rhymes — rhymes he remembers as being really bad at first. Gradually, they started to get better as Dynamic put down the pen and began composing out loud, without writing anything down.

Now, when it’s time to write, he can do that or he can sit down, open his mind and and in no time line after line of socially conscious, well-crafted rhymes comes spilling forth, something he attributes largely to what he calls a “connection with God.”

Since then, he has written hundreds of tracks, with lines like “When you ride, you better devour the mileage, ‘Cause they’ll kill you if they know you got some powerful knowledge, or They cant kill everyone off like Tupac so they don’t, they give us AIDS, SARS and flu shots, and It doesn’t matter if your black or white but if youre mixed it matters cause then theres no KKK or Black Panthers.

“We were on a real roll at one point — we thought we were going to get famous,” he said, laughing. “But then the realities of business set in.”

So he learned to play ball. That first EP sold 1000 copies, 700 of which they sold on the streets on Canada Day, his first real experience with Guerilla marketing. From there he recorded the Broken Mix Tape which sold 200 copies, the NuStyle Mix Tape which sold 1000 copies, and then the I Ain’t Got Much Mix Tape with
Dialekt, which sold 700 copies

Within 15 months, Dynamic had seen four musical projects through to completion, sold almost 3000 copies of his work and produced Ottawa’s first hip hop DVD series, Hold it Down which sold over 500 copies in its first month on the streets alone.

Dynamic is currently living in Toronto, On. and focusing on school, radio, television, film and music. Like every verse he writes and every chorus he perfects, these projects have come together so seamlessly it’s as though they’re meant to happen. But where the real magic happens for him is onstage. “This is where I thrive,” he says, “with a mic in my hand onstage, there’s nothing like it.” Dynamic will certainly keep writing and producing while cultivating his gift for taking a beat and putting just the right touch on it, and whittling a track down to its purest form without breaking a sweat.

This is what impressed about Dynamic.

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Dynamic-Its-Messed-Up.mp3|titles=Dynamic-It’s Messed Up]

Stream the full mixtape and if you like it Download Free Promo Mixtape Mixed by DJ Ducats

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