[Spotlight] So-Liva aka Rawzilla



After featuring on 3 tracks from No Pulse’s independent album “The Body,” in 2002, So-liva finessed his craft by performing at various venues in and around Windsor, Toronto, London and even Detroit becoming a major component of Windsor Ontario’s Underground Hip Hop scene.

In 2006 he founded independent record label Maple Nutz Entertainment and released the highly anticipated Northern Invasion Album distributed nationally by Indiepool. He began to open up for major artists and directed his first independent video “Heavy” which was deemed controversial by some critics and attracted local media such as The Windsor Star Newspaper and Radio Station AM 800.

In 2008 he relocated to Alberta where he suffered a near fatal stabbing which inspired the bonus single “When They Stick me.” In 2009 he is fully recovered and has independently filmed, financed, and directed the video for “When They Stick Me” for the Gutterfly Effect’s bonus single. In the same year he received a grant from the Canada Council of The Arts and filmed the video for the first single “Cruise Control” in the Dominican Republic becoming his first video filmed outside of Canada. Staying focused he has also independently filmed, financed, written and directed videos “like a Rap Star,” and “Psudo” for fellow artist K-Blitz.

With 80 percent of the Gutterfly Effect album written, So-liva is currently writing the finishing touches for what will be a definite classic. His lyrical prowess and skill as an exceptional rap artist and entertainer is undeniable. Sceptics would like to pigeon hole him into a one dimensional category of rap but in actuality his content is not confined to one parameter. He has finessed his skill by harnessing his rawness and morphing into a polished and mature artist. The genre gravely needs artists of his calibre. His vocal ability to switch from gentle and smooth melodies to deep raw tones is in itself classical. Although he has overcome adversity through personal life experiences, he does not place emphasis on a troubled past or resort to street credibility to stand as the foundation of his lyrical content. He relies on his talent to distinguish himself from the followers. An educational background in International Business gives him valuable knowledge from a business perspective as well as an artist’s perspective.

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/So-Liva-Like-a-Rap-Star.mp3|titles=So- Liva Like a Rap Star]

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