[Event] Sur La- Backpacking Latin America


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What: Sur La Backpacking Latin America.

Where: University Community Centre Atrium and Concrete Beach at UWO.

When: Thursday March 25th. 10am-5pm.

Performances: Altiplano Sound; London’s celebrated Andean musician. Salsa Descalza, Afro Latino Drum Beats, Dance and Storytelling, from Montreal. NYC Hip-Hop Trio Rebel Diaz, on their first exclusive Canadian tour.
Capoeira, the incredible Brasilian Martial Art.

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We are SUR LA – Students United in Representation of Latin America, and we want to share our LOVE for Latin America with you all. How? By showing you how much there is to see, learn and experience in Latin America. Not so much through Pina Coladas in the Cancun Hilton (as tasty as they may be), but through the incredible medium of… backpacking. Adventure, opportunities for travel and volunteer work are off the scale – but why tell you when we could show you? Enter March 25th, Backpacking Latin America, here on Campus.

That is, from 10 am to 5pm, the UCC Atrium and Concrete Beach will be yours to backpack as Latin America. Sadly we won’t have any of Latin America’s real (and beautiful) beaches, and we might be missing a rainforest or two, but we do have:

– Introductory talks on Latin American culture and identity
– Exhibitions from some of London’s top Latin American Visual Artists.
– A ‘Speaking Spanish’ booth, information for anyone who wants to learn or develop Spanish as a second language.
– Drop-in soccer sessions; a kick about in the sun, Latin American style.

Thing is we want you to go so much that we got together with Travel Cuts and are offering $400 towards a flight to Latin America.

It works like this:
– We’ll be giving out ‘Latin American Passports’ (they’re make believe, but work with us).
– The Atrium will host five regional booths full of information about each country and it’s travel opportunities. By stopping by a country, you get a stamp in your passport (like you used to in reality before they got stingy with ink and left us with boring empty passport pages…why?!). Well, we’ll stamp you good, and then…
– Hand in your fully stamped passport for a chance to win.