Day 1….& 2…..double post
aaahumm….by far the GREATEST hip hop producer to ever bless a drum machine, computer, live instrument, whatever. James Dewitt Yancey opened my eyes to hip hop like no other artist has ever done. His beats are absolutely incredible and given he’s from Detroit…..his sound set a standard for Detroit hip-hop. Dilla heads all over the world come together every year during February & March (Dilla’s birthday month & the month he passed away) to celebrate his life & his music. J Dilla has become a part of my daily spins (hmmm post idea?) no matter where I am and he’s easily the artist I listen to the most on a consistent basis.

‘The Red’ is a track off the collaborative album between J Dilla & Madlib ‘Champion Sound’. Half produced by Madlib with Dilla rapping…and vice versa.

‘In The Night While You Slept I Crept’ is a beat off of Dilla’s latest release ‘Jay Stay Paid.’ The sample chop in this song is absolutely incredible…I may even post the original sample later.