[Video] K’naan interview with Jian Gomeshi

I heard this on the radio while I was driving.

Ladies and Gentleman, whether you agree or not. K’naan is a legend in the making.

Some of the comments on this video

I have listened to many varied musical artists my entire life, and love music and words and how they can move us, being a white good ol Canadian boy growing up in the 70’s, well your can just imagine all of the influences from that period till today. when i first heard K’naan’s poetry and music it brought tears to my eyes and still does today,The first time I heard waving flag on your show a year ago I was struck with passion, I floated and drifted and cried and sang.I’ve praised him since. I listened to the entire interview today as tears fought down my cheeks. I don’t know why, but to me he is a beautiful soul that deserves to be loved for his humanity alone. He resinates, he is very special, and I hope he is well cared for, bless his soul.No artist has ever had that effect on me before, I could feel Miles Davis send me drifting at Massey hall, but nothing like this kid.