[Update] The Come Up Show Presents- The Late Night Edition

If you listened to The Come Up Show last year then you remember the late night edition of The Come Up Show. I absolutely LOVED the late night edition which was every Monday from 12-2am. Why? Because the music is 100% uncensored, the show is even more raw and 100% Pure Hip-Hop from 12-2am.

New Time Slot

Here is a sample from The Late Night Edition, this was last summer.

So check me out every Monday from 12-2am. Don’t forget we also have the prime time edition which is Saturday 6-8pm.

How to Tune In
Online- The Come Up Show Music Player

Radio- 94.9 FM CHRW in London, Ontario.

TV- Rogers Digital Cable Ch 943 in London, Ontario.

Time: Every Monday 12am-2am and Every Saturday 6-8pm.