[Update] Looking back on the Shad show and Welcome to The Come Up Show

If you didn’t have advance tickets and you arrived after 10:30pm at Call The Office, the sign above is what you saw. I feel bad for the people who were denied but it seems like common sense to me.

When I interviewed Shad on Thursday (interview coming soon), I asked him why two shows back to back? He told me there were so many people who were denied last time that he didn’t want that to happen again, so he had a show on Thursday and Friday. There was at least 300 people on Thursday and more than 450 on Friday.

The people who arrived after 10:30pm must’ve thought it wasn’t going to sell out, especially that early at a HIP-HOP show, I know I was surprised myself.

WELCOME to the people who got The Come Up Show business card, WELCOME,

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I’m out to Toronto for the day, I’m going to interview Termanology, Eternia & Moss tonight!!! If you are in Toronto make sure you check out the event.

Peace Y’all.

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