[Event] Abstract Rude @ Club Elite

Who: Art Fusion Presents: Abstract Rude and The Rejuvemaple Leaf Tour.  Special Guests Minbender, Nilla, PartyBoobyTrap, MC Moore and Exit Only. There will also be an outdoor live graffiti production, over 15 Writers, Special international Artist’s HOEST and SECTR FYPT, Live Hip Hop spun by the Crate Crusaders.

When: July 18, 2010.

Where: Club Elite on 183 King St. (Old Salt Lounge)

Tickets: $10 at the Door before 9pm and Pre-sale tickets will be available at Grooves. 15$ after 9pm. All ages and Licensed.

RSVP on Facebook.

If you don’t know who Abstract Rude is check out the videos below.