[Audio/Mixtape] DJ JS-1 & DJ Skizz “Re-Cycled: Strictly Remixes”

This is what DJ JS-1 had to say about this mix.

Dj Skizz of The Halftime Radio Show, and myself, DJ JS-1, got together to do another classic mix… (if you didnt already download “REPROGRAM” our first mixtape, check the older posts n download it!) So this time around we decided to do a full mix using ONLY remixes. Many of these remixes are rare, uncommon, or not played out. We tried to narrow it down to remixes we personally liked because there is soo many. Most of these tracks are from the 90’s era. We did miss a few, but there’s always vol 2. Sooo, while many other djays are lazy with wack music knowledge, i do everything i can to keep bringing you good music, classic tracks, some rare hiphop, and never jumping ship to play cornball commercial nonsense. I hope you enjoy and appreciate our mixes.

Download: DJ JS-1 & DJ Skizz “Re-Cycled: Strictly Remixes”