[Video] C4 Ent and Ajani Cinematography- Stupid People

This is so F**KING DOPE. Man, creativity as it’s finest.

Some people can move on and gracefully distance themselves from ended relationships, while others hold grudges and find it incredibly difficult to let go.

Certain ex-couples possess the capacities to take the positive aspects of old relationships to better future ones, whereas “Stupid People” illustrates egos at war, in what can be best described as the psychological equivalent of two hydrogen bombs being detonated simultaneously.

Sometimes it’s better to agree to disagree, and sometimes you just have to throw down.

Make sure to check Ajani Blog for more details about this video.

UPDATE: I got permission from C4 who is the producer of the music in this video, to post the first song for free download.

Download: Moka Only- Fall In Love