[Audio/Mixtape] The C4 Experiment hosted by Christopher Walken

Man this mixtape is so amazing. The production, the artist list, the concept, it’s hosted by Christopher Walken!!!! What Hip-Hop mixtapes do you know hosted by an academy award winning actor?????

Some of the artists featured are Choclair, Moka Only and the Black Jays’ Solitair, JD Era, and D-Sisve, Rich Kidd and more.

The C4 Experiment comes fully equipped with interactive website where users are able to browse through Christopher’s supposed salon and interact with the scenery to play the songs. As you enter the boudoir, you’re encouraged to click on books, cameras, paintings, even empty bottles of Jack Danniels as well as other interesting items that have been left behind.

The first full release by Montreal raised producer / songwriter C4 meshes a variety of musical styles into what can only be described as a deliberate assault of conventional mixtapes. Narrated by the academy award winning actor the one and only Christopher Walken, from such classic movies as “King Of New York”, “The Deer Hunter” and “Pulp Fiction” The C4 Experiment includes 20 tracks with over 30 urban artists ranging from pioneers such as Choclair, Moka Only and the Black Jays’ Solitair, to up and coming talent such as JD Era, and Rich Kidd.

1. Christopher Walken – Our Little Experiment Will Begin Shortly (0:32)
2. Choclair – Fired up (Prod. by C4) (4:22)
3. Troy Dunnit feat. Solitair – Bring It To You (Prod. by C4) (2:59)
4. JD Era – Body (Prod. by C4) (2:46)
5. Christopher Walken – “The Name” (0:59)
6. Bless feat. Choclair & Mag T – Grindin’ 2010 (Prod. by C4) (3:09)
7. m06-Moka Only – Fall in love ( Final) C4 (4:00)
8. Playboy Swag – Million Dollar Song (Prod. by C4) (2:58)
9. Kat – Boys (Prod. by C4) (3:13)
10. Star Time – Try me (Prod. by C4) (2:55)
11. Mayhem Morearty feat. Magnum 357 – Beats Keep Bumpin’ (Remix) (Prod. by C4) (3:38)
12. Bad News Brown, Milli Millz, Magnum 357 & I.Blast – Real City All-Stars (Prod. by C4) (5:05)
13. Shogun – Rockstar Pornstar (Prod. by C4) (3:22)
14. Hindu Kush (Loe Pesci & Osa) – Yaught Club (Prod. by C4) (3:49)
15. Empire (Adam Bomb & T.R.A) – Pros vs. Cons (Prod. by C4) (3:19)
16. King Reign feat. Neenah – Lifer (Prod. by C4) (3:48)
17. Smash Brovas (Rich Kidd & Ridgeway & Crook) – Raw (Prod. by C4) (3:25)
18. Theology 3 – Theocracy (Prod. by C4) (3:13)
19. D-Sisive – First Winter (Prod. by C4) (3:44)
20. Solitair feat. Lokz – Made It (Prod. by C4) (3:36)
21. Christopher Walken – Showtime Interlude (0:45)
22. Choclair feat. David Bisley – Waiting For You (Prod. by C4) (4:06)
23. Akon – Playboy Tomorrow (Re-Remix) (4:15)
24. C4 feat. Zina – Never Stop (Prod. by C4 & Franke E) (BONUS) (2:03)
25. Ish feat. Daniel King – Shut It Down (Prod. by C4) (BONUS) (3:37)
26. Velvet Trench Vibes – Money, Drugs, Guns (Prod. by C4) (BONUS) (4:03)
27. Wordsmith feat. Black Knights – In Search For the One (Prod. by C4) (BONUS) (3:17)
28. D-Shade feat. Justice & Sagi – Spotlight (Prod. by C4) (BONUS) (3:39)

Are you ready? Head over to I’m Your Producer to download the mixtape.