[Local x Contest] So You Wanna Open for Deadmau5?

This is definitely the age of get-up-and-get-yours opportunity. Att’n all DJ’s and Producers, who can now enter a competition- opened August 29th- to score the opening act for Deadmau5’s much anticipated Homecoming Tent Party in London, Ontario.

The DJ battle starts September 12th and will wrap up sometime before the main event on October 2nd. The best track/mix takes the slot.

The prize? Airfare and transport covered, a professional DJ fee, and the best of all, a surreal night of beat mayhem sharing the stage with the music industry’s favorite cartoon head.

Presumably the competition is worldwide (given the transportation enticement) so bring it, London. Let’s keep this one homegrown.

All contest details, rules, and regulations are governed by Audio Academy.