[News] T.I. Arrest Update

It’s time we said something about the pending T.I. fiasco.

On Wednesday September 1st, T.I. (Clifford Harris) and his wife Tameka Cottle were arrested in Los Angeles for possession of a controlled substance.

While cruising through West Hollywood, T.I. and Cottle were pulled over after making an illegal U-turn in their Maybach. A representative for the Los Angeles sheriff’s department told The Associated Press, “Deputies smelled a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle,” which gave due cause for the officers to conduct a car search. But this isn’t why they were arrested according to the New York Times. They were taken into the station on suspicion of possessing methamphetamines.

The Police are well informed appraisers. They were put up for bail at $10,000 each.

The twister is that Tip is already on probation (after serving a seven month prison term) for federal weapons charges incurred in 2007. He was caught receiving three machine guns and two silencers that he admitted had been bought for him. Together with the new charges, the couple could face up to a year in prison.

On September 3rd it was publically announced that both Tip and Cottle were tested positive for ecstasy in their systems. Meanwhile, T.I.’s film Takers has indeed, taken the top spot at at the boxoffice since it was released on August 27. It brought in $21 million at the boxoffice in its first week alone, and Box Office Mojo projects gross earnings at $37, 900, 000 as of September 5th. Cha-Ching.

I know I’ve heard somewhere that any PR is good PR around the time of a movie drop, but I’ve gotta give Chedo’s say on this one: “Really? The reason why T.I. and Tiny got arrested is for ecstasy???? Popo just want tip behind bars forever.”

What do you think?