[Podcast] TheComeUpShow.com Presents- Casper The Ghost (Aug 21, 2010)

I was holding to this podcast because we released the video version of this podcast. Make sure to check the freestyle as well. I’m really proud of the quality of The Marcus Morris Mixtape Vol.2 and most important we really pushed this mixtape to the best of our abilities and I the results show. Make sure to click on the links previously mentioned to watch more of the interview.


1. Kanye West ft Jay-z- Power Remix
2. Casper The Ghost- Oh Jah
3. Casper The Ghost ft Blazeline and Big Cussion- Mr. London Remix
4. Casper The Ghost- Going to be a star
5. Casper The Ghost ft Big Cussion- Ton of Singles
6. Casper The Ghost- Gary Morris
7. Casper The Ghost- Love myself
8. Casper The Ghost ft S.A. and Big Cussion- Hip-Hop Grave
9. Casper The Ghost- Things will change
10. Casper The Ghost- Freestyle

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