[Audio] Ron Isley “Close To You” feat. Lauryn Hill


As a Brill Building writer, Burt Bacharach knew well that it is love’s inimitability that generates, perhaps ironically, the most generic questions of all. Maybe this is why “Close To You” remains a classic, because it frames uniquely a curious perspective on love’s wonder: “Why are birds suddenly up here?” “Why do stars fall from the sky, every time you walk by?”

Let Isley and Lauren’s suggest a reason why all this weird stuff keeps happening to you. The arrangement is really quite sappy (or historically accurate, depending on your perspective), with piano, strings, and the whole shabang. But if you let it, it just might wash you away.

Isley, who recorded an album with Bacharach in 2003, Here I am: Bacharach meets Isley, is set to put out a new record via Def Jam titled Mr. I.


Download: Ron Isley “Close To You” feat. Lauryn Hill

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