We were discussing about Asher follow up after his song I love College and I’m personally happy he’s back to his roots. We played “Enforce The Law” produced by Nottz.


1. Nottz Raw and Asher Roth- Enforce The Law
2. Wiz Khalifa- In The Cut remix with Fashawn
3. Outkast- The art of Story Telling part 4
4. J.Cole- Bun- B for President
5. Chip The Ripper Chuck Inglish Asher Roth Dom Kennedy Big Sean – Fat Raps remix
6. Ghostface Killah- Cherchez la ghost
7. Busta Rhymes- Holla
8. Xzibit- What you see is what you get
9. Saukrates- money or love
10. J Dilla feat Guilty simpson MED – jungle love
11. Blu – mars
12. OkayCity feat Shad – Cities of the north

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