[Interview] The Come Up Show Presents- Muneshine

Muneshine and D-Sisive @ Call The Office (2010)

He’s ½ of Twin Peaks with Ghettosocks, ½ of Birthday Boys with D-sisive, and ½ of the residents with Saint, The Come Up Show is proud to present our interview with Muneshine.

In this interview we discuss the album “Status Symbol”, how Twin Peaks formed, the business and professional aspect of music production that musicians need to watch.

I need to look at my music as work as well as my passion…..I’m not going to do what I do for free, that’s like going to your accountant and asking him to do your taxes for free….. I don’t feel that’s making me like any less than someone who loves the art or any of that bullsh*t, I don’t agree with that.

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