[Audio] Nottz – “Blast That” ft. Black Milk


Set for release on October 26 2010, You Need This Music is the self-assured title of Nottz’s first solo debut album. And it’s a warranted title, for someone who has obviously made a career of this creative motto; back in ’98 when he was making beats for Busta (Extinction Level Event = wicked record), Nottz was, even then, making the kind of music emcees need. The kind of music people need. Really, really, good music.

So what brings us Nottz’s first solo album after nearly thirteen successful years of supply and demand in the beat industry? What will he accomplish? And for many people reading this, here the most important question of all: who the hek is Nottz?

For someone who makes a living from pumping the shit out of boom boxes, Nottz is a pretty quiet guy. Those who have followed his bright career might imagine him to be a silent hero in a Virginia studio, performing greater goods one beat at a time– then, quick as he came, the silent beatmaker moves on to the next with a blink and a grin while everyone else soaks up the aftermath, blinded by his breaks. Nottz is like the Batman of beatmakers. Extremely skilled, always two steps ahead.

Being in the dark — or better put, under the radar — for so long is obviously not so much a consequence for Nottz as it is a preference (even on the album art, his face remains turned away from the camera, shaded and mysterious).  Its a common belief, however, that great art not only deserves to be seen, but it has a responsibility to be seen (in this case heard).

Which is why it’s very lucky for us, then, that this beat genius is surfacing for the world to hear and see. And the wait will surely be worth it: How many people release a debut album with beat-gods like Dre and 9th Wonder already wearing your chain? How many people release a debut album with guest apperances from people like Snoop Dogg, Black Milk, Little Brother, Asher Roth, Joell Oritz, Dwele, Mayer Hawthorne, Bilal, and Colin Munrow? How many people release a debut album in the same year as one releases full production for an album like Rah Digga’s Classic (2010)?

That shit’s just ridiculaaus!

We all know what happened to Batman when Gotham City came to know his name. So hold on to your seats while you press play on this beat, because it’s about to get LOUD!!


Download: Nottz – “Blast That” ft. Black Milk

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