[News] Nicki Minaj Breaks Record with 7 Entries on Billboard Hot 100

Spotted at In Flex We Trust.

The first female rapper with 7 Entries on Billboard Hot 100, congratulations to Nicki Minaj. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to achieve real success as a female rapper, especially without an album.

Will she be successful with her debut album “Pink Friday”? It’s one thing to be featured on hit singles but to be able to hold the attention of the masses for 50-80 minutes is definitely a challenge in 2010/11.

Update: I did a little bit of research on Nicki Minaj and looks like this album success isn’t just important to her but for other female artists as well.

She stated; “They won’t look to sign other female rappers because they’ll say, ‘Her buzz was so crazy and if she couldn’t do it, then no one can do it.’ And I don’t want that to happen, so I’m doing this as well for all the girls. I hope that with the success of the album—because I know it will be successful, I believe it will be successful—I hope that this opens doors for all of the girls everywhere. Even as far as I’ve come right now, it’s a testament in my mind,” she said. “So I hope the female rappers will understand how big it is, just for our culture, that the album does well.

Source: Interview with V103’s Greg Street.