[Audio] MED – “Where I’m From” ft. Aloe Blacc (Prod. Oh No)

Another solid joint from MED(aphorical), this time with the soulful Aloe Blacc a top a production by Oh No. You can catch the download below, but this track was actually released today– October 12 2010–via Stones Throw as a Vinyl (and MP3) Double A-side that holds “Where I’m From” AND the spring 2010 release “Classic” ft. Talib Kweli (a Karriem Riggins production). The latter track is linked in here from when Chedo posted it as a shiny trophy from one of his late-night track hunting extravaganzas.

But notice the DL link from Chedo’s post vamoose, as it is on all music blogs across the board. Stones Throw only stations their download ports for a limited time as a viral technique that enables new-music surfers who love sharing new finds with their friends and also rewards them for their good word with a free track. Once the word is out, though, Stones Throw rolls down their impressively efficient flood gates–a smart move not only because they need to feed their signed artists and their families (not to mention themselves), but because it is a new way to create “limited edition” copies in a digital era, or at least recreate that feeling of exclusiveness. It may only be a feeling because of a slight snag: how does one prove whether a digital file a pre-release or post-release mp3?  Back in the age of physical record releases, records were simply either printed, or not; the record existed, or it didn’t. (And if they didn’t exist, people didn’t hear it!) But now we can fudge numbers, files, and copies and like its no-one’s business. All music we now consume through digital media are copies with no original.

It may be more a private and personal reward, then, since there is no way to authenticate a pre-release MP3. That is, unless all downloads are–and I assure you they can be–traced via IP address. But I think we all agree there’s something unduly creepy about that, isn’t there?

Regardless of whether you’re on the gab or grind side of things, you can catch yourself a nice crackle n’ pop physical copy of these joints from and through ST for only 5 or 6 bones. And there is not a single thing shameful or uncertain about that.


Download the limited edition Stones Throw digital release here: MED – “Where Im From” ft. Aloe Blacc (Prod. Oh No)