[Photo x Video] The Sean Combs Empire

I snapped this photo when I was in NYC a couple weeks ago. Although I was only in Times Square for about 12 minutes tops, this power shot of P. Diddy hovering down from sky-scraper heights over the most iconic corporate city in the world has been relentlessly haunting me, following me, stalking me … to the point where I have no choice but to seek RAM freedom by backing this up onto the CUShow.

P Diddy or — Puff Daddy, Sean John, Sean Combs, Dirty Money ring leader–whatever you want to call him, has managed to get my subconscious on lock down through a extremely stunning and clearly effective marketing campaign. Not through his music. I can only imagine what this Godzilla of a banner cost, but with the Sean John clothing line now projecting a net worth of half a billion dollars and growing, it may be reasonable to suggest Frank Sinatra was right when he said of New York: “if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.”

Here is a recent CNN interview with P Diddy (Br: “Ceww-mbes”) in which he discusses the power of fashion to break down racial stereotypes (“i make fashion for all colors”), the counterintuitive magic of branding by not branding, and the utmost importance of being “crazy” and dreaming big.