[Mixtape] J. Period & Black Thought Present “The Live Mixtape” illadelph edition of 2010 MANIFESTO festival

Instead of relying on the chance a diehard fan might scratch a live bootleg, why not just make the bootleg yourself? Knowing they would throw down a solid set at Toronto’s 2010 MANIFESTO festival, Black Thought and J. Period decided they would record and release the performance as a live mixtape.

A couple months later, here it is. At 22 tracks long, it features a melange of Thought rhymes over J. Period’s beat strings, including grooves from Foxy Brown, Damian Marley, Dead Prez, Jay Z, Snoop, Biggie, Drake, and more.

But the best thing about the tape beyond these musical givens, is its distinctive “Made in Toronto” aura. “Ya’ll are so hip hop in Toronto … I love ya’ll…” says Black Thought during their set. Further spilling on the T Dot scene, J. Period screams: “you couldn’t do a show like this in the States. Ya’ll should be proud of yourselves!”

Click below to re-experience what would have otherwise been a moment lost in time.

01 Live Mixtape Intro
02 The Next Movement (Live)
03 Clones (Live)
04 Right On (Live)
05 Bam Bam Interlude
06 Jamrock (J.Period Live Remix)
07 Hip Hop (J.Period Live Remix)
08 Oh Yeah (J.Period Live Remix)
09 Forever (J.Period Live Remix)
10 D.O.A. (J.Period Live Remix)
11 One More Chance (J.Period Live Remix)
12 Shook Ones Interude
13 Survival (J.Period Live Remix)
14 Simon Says (J.Period Live Remix)
15 Gin & Juice (J.Period Live Remix)
16 Thought @ Work (Live)
17 Rakim “Juice” (Tribute Remix)
18 Kane “Raw” (Tribute Remix)
19 Slick Rick “Children’s Story” (Tribute Remix)
20 Guru “Just to Get a Rep” (Tribute Remix)
21 Live Mixtape Outtro
22 Bonus: Go Hard (Live at BK Hip Hop Fest)

Download: J. Period & Black Thought – Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition MANIFESTO 2010)