[Mixtape] I Still Love Detroit Vol II – Hosted by DJ PM & Wanja

The “I Love Detroit” mixtape series is the brainchild of German DJ Wanja and Detroit MC Black Eerie, the intent being to promote the “real hip hop” that seems to ooze out of D city. Beyond the superstars of the area (Em, Black Milk, Slum Village, Invincible, etc), there is clearly a lot of crazy talent that remains undiscovered, some of which you can hear on this sick little mixtape.

I know what you’re wondering, and admittedly I was too, because it seems impossible to discuss Detroit these days without bringing up Black Milk. Yes, there is some production from the mighty omnipotent, but there are also a lot of other really lax beats and straight up lyricists you’ve likely never heard of. Be objective like A&R: don’t let fame and shiny lights plug your ears from the peripheral.

Download: I Still Love Detroit Vol. 2 Mixtape

Generously mixed by the tape’s hosts, DJ Prime Minister and Wanja. Sample audio: “Prest St. Tribute” by Blackreign & Ohkang.

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/I-still-love-Detroit-Vol-2-06-Blackreign-Ohkang -Prest-St.-Tribute1.mp3|titles=I still love Detroit Vol 2 Р06 РBlackreign & Ohkang  РPrest St. Tribute]