[Audio] Get To Know : OFWGKTA

If you haven’t heard of OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) yet, you should probably flick on the lights and start to prepare for the shit storm these seven skate kids from Southern California are about to bring to the rap world. I came across Odd Future and all their anarchist glory a couple months back but (please forgive me) fell into one of my own sand traps and read about them before I listened to them. Consequently — and if you’ve done any digging on these guys you may know what I mean — I was initially straight stunned rather than impressed by these young kids (all under 20) who spit, curse, and preach anarchy far beyond their years.

But they have stuck to me like silly putty, which means they’ve got something. I’ve included a couple videos from them below. If you dig these, make sure you check out their site which I have linked in above (it is dubbed “Fuck Em All” and also has a search engine labeled FUCK) for endless head scratching spectacle. Their music is raw, but it’s only half the intrigue…

Domo Genesis – “Super Market” from the album Rolling Papers.

“Seven” is from Tyler The Creator’s album, Bastard.

“Up” by Tyler the Creator, Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats