[Podcast] The Come Up Show Presents- Bananas Hip-Hop Hour 1 (October 23, 2010)

I don’t even remember how I discovered “Bang Bang Bang” but I loved it instantly. Check out the music video featuring Q-Tip and Amanda Warner.


1. Theo3 ft Tona and Andreena Mill – How I Flow Pt.2
2. Mark Ronson ft. Q-Tip and Amanda Warner – Bang Bang Bang
3. JD Era ft Lokz- Fame & Fortune
4. Saukrates- S-A-U-K-R-A-T-E-S
5. Ron Dias – I Won’t Budge
6. Art of Fresh – Where I Go
7. Kanye West Ft. Pusha T – Runaway
8. Dr Dre Ft Hittman, Kurupt, Nate Dogg, and Six Two – Xxplosive
9. Jay Z ft Kanye West – Hate
10. Game ft. Pharrell – It Must Be Me
11. The Clipse- Door Man

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