[Podcast] The Come Up Show Presents- Relic (Oct 23, 2010)

When I come across artists I’ve never heard of before, it makes me clearly realize why I do what I do, and why The Come Up Show exists. Relic (pictured above) is an example of that, he emailed me his album and the rest is history.

This is what our hometown favourite Shad had to say about him.

Relic is a multi-talented (rapper-singer-producer-engineer) artist with loads of hip hop fundamentals and unique instincts. What I like most about his style is that his approach to production and rapping is always true to the essence of hip hop but still inventive in subtle and surprising ways, and above that, his content is sincere and relatable.”


1. Alex Dimez- All Out
2. Relic- Look down
3. Arabesque- Understand
4. Relic ft Shad- Count Your Blessings
5. Relic- Time Machine
6. Relic- Easy Now
7. Relic- Freestyle

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