[Audio] Deadboy Halloween Mix 2010

There are some moments in this Deadboy halloween mix that are absolutely must-hear. I will fully disclose only one verbal segment, mostly because the sonic incredibleness of these samples simply don’t translate well into sans type: “Poor little thing, oh, the blood of that beautiful bird. I love blood. I loove blood.” Yeah, see? All credit due, I think my mom was onto something when she suggested the idea of verbal reviews (recorded clips of me talking about the track) because that just reads extremely lamely. Or, spare us both (I happen to like writing stuff and trust me, I’m no David Attenborough), and simply click the soundcloud to hear for yourself the spooked out sounds that you just KNOW came from movie titles likeĀ The Fog, Zombie Flesh Eaters, and Blakula. A little funk goblin pops around the corner around 31 minutes, too. BOO!

Halloween mix 2010 by Deadboy

via FDR.