[Audio] The Glowsticks – “I’ll Be There”

Maybe because it’s Friday, maybe because it’s almost Halloween, or maybe because it’s almost November, I’ve been thinking a bit about the nifty human capacity some people call “inner clockwork.” In my conception of it, “inner clockwork” refers more or less to our conditioned abilities to detect time orientation–the seasons, day of the week, and time of the year etc. –according to the things our minds and bodies naturally crave. Without a calendar, in other words, how do we know today is Friday?

I believe it is THE SENSES (hear no evil, speak no evil..), that are mostly to thank for the TGIF feeling that often electrifies the air at the end of the week. We see people smiling a lot more, we hear more chitter-chatter in the streets, we smell better food… all that good stuff. But most indicatively, I know it’s friday when I find myself scouring my library for a fix from anything that is 4 on the floor, electro-fied, and bumping from side chain pumping. Oh baby. When Friday comes, just give me bass and hand claps.

Today’s TGIF fix is from a Toronto-based urban-house duo, The Glowsticks. “The name was actually given to us by Richie Blackz,” says producer Verse-atile, whom I caught up with today. “He randomly yelled out in the studio one day as a joke, ‘That’s some Glowstick music, man! Makes you wanna do the fist pump!’, so we just ran with the name.”

The Glowsticks refers specifically to the work between Versa-tile and vocalist Dark Ace, but Versa-tile also outsources solo production work, which resulted in the hit “London Town” with Richie Blackz and the brand-new track “Save You” ft. J’Tune (hear below) to be included on Verse-atile’s collaboration album Lab Results.

Though The Glowsticks are just now beginning to pick up steam in Canada, they already have a fanbase in the Czech Republic (you can check out some Czech fandom on their blog) from their collaboration with Czech celebrity Ben Cristovao: “we wrote and produced his debut album, and we are working on a second for him right now.” They are scheduled to be on tour in Czech and Slovakia this summer.

Also in the oven, actually in the mixing phase, is the first The Glowsticks album titled Mars Landing. “It will be a free promo album available for download off our webpage and blog. It’s an 8 track introduction to TGS– all high energy music. It’s a mixture of Dance, R&B and Hip-hop in every song. “

Mars Landing will be available this coming December. Until then, TGIF!

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Ill-Be-there.mp3|titles=I’ll Be there]

Download: The Glowsticks – “I’ll Be There”

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Save-You.mp3|titles=Save You]
Download: J’Tune – “Save You” (prod. Verse-atile)