[Podcast] The Come Up Show Presents- Bananas Hip-Hop Hour 1 (Nov 20, 2010)

The video just dropped this past week and I’m into repeat mode. Med ft Aloe Blacc gets the feature in this podcast.


1. Looptroop Rockers- Praying on a Liver
2. Angerville ft Alex Dimez- The Statement
3. Dr.Dre ft Kurupt, Hitman, Nate Dogg, and Six-Two – Explosive
4. Jay-z ft Kanye West- Haters
5. B.A.M. ft N.O.R.E & Royal Flush- Hoodness
6. Med ft Aloe Blacc- Where I’m From
7. Phat Tony aka Big Tweeze Ft. Theo 3 & Ski- Turnaroundagain
8. Ray Black ft J.R.- Autumn’s Evening Breeze
9. Ahmad- Back in The Day
10. Drake ft Young Jeezy- unforgettable
11. Louwop ft Sibbs- raw shit
12. JD Era- Friday the 13

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