[Interview] The Come Up Show Presents- Boi-1da

Chedo and Boi-1da

I always knew that if you want something, you can go get it, nothing is stopping you from getting whatever you want. When I was 16, all my friends were partying, I wanted to stay inside and make beats because that’s what I love. Boi-1da

This is the man who has produced for Hip-Hop/R&B upper echelon. Artists like Drake, Eminem, Bun-B, Keri Hilson, and so much more.

Boi-1da shares why he didn’t listen to his family and friends when they told him to pursue anything but music. He also talks about producing “Not Afraid” for Eminem and why he thinks Eminem is the BEST Rapper ALIVE. He also shared something that not too many people have the confidence to share, Boi-1da tells me why his life started to turn around once he started to read the bible.

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