Producer Jamie xx (from The xx) is creating a re-mix album to be called We’re New Here that reworks Gil Scott Heron’s 2010 release titled I’m New Here, his first album in thirteen years. ‘”NY Is Killing Me” is the first single from WNH, set for release in on February 21, 2011.

The original “NY Is Killing Me” is barely recognizable in xx’s remix, but Heron’s distinctive raspy and scowling vocals and the perpetual sense of rhythm retained creates sense of familiarity between the two very different versions. The accompanying video has a weird sense of stasis about it that is both familiar and creepy,  like watching a bunch of retro security feeds through an used TV shop window. Whether the TV sets pictured are located in Jamie’s London UK or Heron’s New York, it’s difficult to tell from the images displayed on the screens– both are visually homogenized by the technologies that have made this unlikely collaboration possible.

Visit Jamie xx’s page for download and more information.

Shouts, PP.