If the original video for “Pop the Trunk” gave you shivers, then this solo piano and vocals rendition provided by Yours Truly almost definitely will too.

For the first segment of this video, Yela reflects on his pre-fame life on the streets in what looks like a city centre of Alabama. Those who have seen a Yelawolf interview before already know how contemplative and calm he is in person, so this video offers nothing particularly out of the ordinary–other than his incredible story– until the camera fades to a small studio where he sits with eyes closed behind a mic beside someone playing the haunting piano lick from the original “Pop the Trunk.”

“Powerful” is a word I would use to describe both this and the original versions of this song. Maybe you aren’t one to typically use the adjectives “stunning” “beautiful” or “gorgeous” to describe Yelawolf’s music. Yet. This unplugged rendition might expand your vocabulary.

Visit YoursTruly for the download.