[Audio] Arabesque ft. AKIR – Blue

It’s another cut from Arabesque album “Nuclear Ambition“. So far we’ve posted Devil’s Deposit and Understand. I know in the Christmas season, we are supposed to feel that warm fuzzy feeling but this is the reality.

As we approach the holidays with the economy in the shape it currently is in, Arabesque’s single “Blue” echoes the sounds of frustration. During this economic downturn, there have been a staggering number of layoffs, and almost every day brings news of more. Worker upon worker is cut loose from his/her desk and the daily routines that structure one’s life.

While many people are resilient in the face of unemployment, for some there are real emotional costs. There is no shittier feeling then not being able to feed your seed, while putting on a suite and tie and doing a song and dance, trying to convince someone to hire you. Besque connects with Brooklyn’s AKIR on ‘Blue’, a chronicle on joblessness.

Life can be colder than a witch’s tit, please give this holiday season. You’d be surprised at the emotional toll long-term unemployment can leave on a person.


Download: Arabesque ft. AKIR – Blue