[Audio x Video] No One – “Unfaithful”


How can something be bad when it feels so good? And why does feeling good end up feeling so damned bad? Those of us blessed and cursed with a conscience and are human enough to put it to use once in a while, will inevitably face these nearly impossible questions. How’s your integrity looking these days?

Truly emotive and realistic songs about unfaithfulness will make you confront the ghosts that haunt your mind long after the deed is done. They will make you confront how the glorious fantasy of cheating, is not reality. In reality, unfaithfulness will make you lose your sanity. You’ll cover your tracks, lie, and litter yourself with guilt. You’ll hate yourself, justify yourself, then hate yourself again. You will turn into a snake. And all this you must do on your own, without your betrayed lover and best friend, who means more to you than anything and everything– the best friend you’ll surely lose, if you break and fuck it all up.

Take a page from No One. Temptation is exhilarating. But it will also tear you apart.

Download: No One – “Unfaithful”